Lytham St Annes Twinning Association was established in 1981. Formal links with the town of Werne in Germany were established by a charter signed by the  then Fylde Borough Mayor,  Alderman  Eric Bamber and the Werne Burgermeister, Franz Joseph  Grüsse on 4th May 1984.

Over the years since, there has been a lot of activity involving regular  exchange visits.  Many of these visits are recorded in more detail on other pages, and lots of photos are included in the Photo Gallery.

Active links have also been established since 1981 between Lytham St  Annes High School and St Christophorus Gymnasium in Werne, and an  exchange of  visits by students has occurred every year since.

Links with the French town Caudry in France, have been progressing very well since interest was first expressed in 2016.

The Association visited Caudry in March 2017 and a group from Caudry came to Lytham St Annes in July 2018. More information and photos from both these trips can be found on the website.




Key Aims and Objectives of the Association

 The Association promotes and develops an appreciation among Lytham St Annes residents of the culture and languages  of non-English    speaking Counties:

We aim to:

 A copy of the latest version of our Constitution can be found through the following link: Constitution, April 2014


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Information about our previous visit in October 2012, together with access to photos and a detailed journal form this trip can be found on the following link - Werne visit 2012



 A Group Facebook Page entitled “Twinning - Lytham St Annes” has been set up to share information about twinning and create a  twinning social network. If you would like to join the Group, email your request to the Group Administrator, John Regan, If you are already on Facebook, you can “message” your request to him via Facebook.



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A group of 29, including the Town Mayor, Vince Settle and his wife Linda, pictured with Lothar Christ, Werne Burgermeister, representatives from St Annes Youth Council and the Fylde Coast Cloggers, visited Werne for the annual Simon Judas Festival from 22nd- 28th October 2015. As usual we hosted a table in the International Tent, alongside Werne’s other Twinning Partners from Bailleul, France, Kyritz, former East Germany and Walcz, Poland. Our table included beer donated by Lytham Brewery, which sold out on the first night, along with other memorabilia and souvenirs. The hospitality and packed programme made this another very memorable visit.

More photos from the visit are available in the Photo Gallery: Photo Gallery

A presentation of the visit, given by Tony Ford in January 2016, can be viewed here: Werne Visit Oct 2015 (PDF)

The Fylde Cloggers, a local dance group performed a repertoire of 16 different dances and entertained our German hosts extremely well. Sue Whitaker, their leader said “It was a brilliant weekend”. They were an unexpected attraction as no one knew what clog dancing was. The photo shows them performing in the old Town Hall.

St Annes Town Youth Councillors (seated in the photo, with two of the parents), proved to be great ambassadors for the town, meeting up with civic leaders and engaging with the young people of Werne. The Burgermeister expressed an interest in how our Youth Council works and would like to see them in action.

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Caudry is an old industrial town famous for lace making. It remains, with Calais, the only town in France where lace is still made. Famous wearers are, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Angelina Jolie and Amal Alamuddin / Clooney.

There are already some links between GB and Caudry. Packaging for their locally produced sweets is supplied by Preston-based Sabre Triad Ltd and all the machinery for their famous Lace Making derived from Nottingham in the early 1800s.

A delegation of 7 members of the Twinning Association, led by Chairman Cllr. Tony Ford visited Caudry in March 2017. Some photos from this visit can be viewed in the Photo Gallery - Caudry.

Itinerary included visits to, the Somme battlefields and in particular the place where poet Wilfred Own spent his last night  before  battle; an old established Lace Making company call ‘Dentelles Laude’; Musee Matisee; Brasserie Du Chateau, until recently a functioning brewery and a fashion show. In addition, a guided tour of the town itself and various Civic functions.

During the visit, the delegation visited two schools with a view to developing educational  links with Lytham St Annes. The pupils really enjoyed showing their English skills and are keen to set up links.

In the town’s War Graves the English delegation planted small memorial crosses next to the headstones of soldiers from Lancashire regiments who had fallen defending Caudry or had helped to retake it in 1918. WW1 poet Wilfred Owen died and is buried near Caudry.





The town boasts two Caudresian giants, Batisse and Laïte which were created in 1921 for the first lace festivals. To remind the Caudresians of their historic past and community identity Batisse and Laïte are an important part of the towns bi-annual summer carnival. An association, "The Giants of Caudry" was born at the end of 2006, thus allowing Batisse and Laïte, accompanied by about fifteen musicians of the Municipal Harmony, to be able to take part in various processions alongside other giants of the region.   If only we could persuade the giants to cross the channel they would make wonderful additions to our Lytham and St Anne’s carnivals. More photos relating to Caudry can be seen in the Photo Gallery - Caudry.



On 13th October 1918, Caudry was liberated from German occupation. On this date every year since, they have commemorated this momentous 'Deliverance' event. On 13th October 2018, they commemorated 100 years since liberation. Unfortunately no one from the Twinning Association could attend this event, but we have noted our diaries for 2019. A photographic record of this years event is available through this  link:

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